How to fix Bluetooth headphones when only one side works

We are all using Bluetooth headphones to hear songs and connect wirelessly. But unfortunately, the sound does not exist on one side. It suddenly stops working on one side and feels discomfort. It is the most common problems everyone is facing these days. Either it is expensive or affordable one, but the problem remains the same. Even I got this problem and I buy a new set.

Bluetooth headphones never create problems but we have to check it. It’s everyone nightmare and disappoints a lot. How to fix Bluetooth headphones when only one side works is the major questions everyone asking. Some of the reasons are

  • Found dirty or faulty aux socket in headphones
  • There might be a connection issue
  • Forget to turn on the Bluetooth connection
  • Accidentally mono playing sound would create on one side
  • Some mechanical triggers may happen in a halfway position

fix bluetooth headphones

How to fix it?

These are some of the issues behind the reasons for wireless headphones only working in one ear. It has to solve by checking its wire connections inside by technician help. Many times, it gives the same mistakes again and again.

Therefore, it is hard for me to cover my phones while not hearing one side. I also face this problem regularly due to mechanical issues or connection issues.

To do it so, you have to follow simple steps carefully. Without any hassles, users can restore the sound effects to the normal condition. It is because it could apply towards wireless headphones stops working on one side.

To fix your headphone correctly, it involves the correct tools and materials to fix with broken headphones.

Connect via Bluetooth

It needs to pair with a headphone with the input device. So, it is easy to do it and Bluetooth headphones. It could run on PC control to check the connection.

  • Access to control panel and click Manage Audio Devices
  • Click the Bluetooth headset on the list of audio devices
  • Click set default button

wireless headphones

Play in a tracklist

On the other hand, the user has to do some tracks to test your headphones only playing in one ear. Find anything product high sound on YouTube and others. Try to increase volume and lowering it constantly. It might simply un-bug your problems automatically.

Use of jack cable

To fix Bluetooth headphones one side not working, use the jack cable to test further. It can use cable manually connect them for fixing the errors. It let you fix your problem with a jack cable and simply connect with some bug. It needs to undergo problems and detect flexibly.