Pros and cons of Wi-Fi calling

Do you spend time in a few places where your phones do not work? Wi-Fi calling is the right solution for you. Rather than rely on the mobile network, the Wi-Fi calling use the existing Wi-Fi network for placing a call through the internet. It is a well-known fact that almost every technology regardless of its purposes has its own merits and drawbacks. If you want to know the pros and cons of Wi-Fi calling, you can go through this guide thoroughly.

Working of Wi-Fi calling

When this feature is enabled or turned on your phone, every Wi-FI network that your device connects to perform the job. Wi-Fi calling permits you to make the best quality phone calls to individuals who are also connected to the Wi-Fi network.

In simple words, placing this wi-fi call is similar to place your normal mobile call. It does not require you to log in or use any app for performing the job.

Focus on safety and cost

It is a big question among smartphone users that is Wi-Fi calling secure.  It is commonly safe, though the data is sent over an unsafe wi-fi network. It is because every mobile carrier commonly encrypts voice data.

Another question related to this feature is should I enable Wi-Fi calling for free. Except for making premium calls, all domestic Wi-Fi calls are completely free.

Merits of wi-fi calling

  • Better Audio/Voice Quality

The LTE audio sounds are better than existing cellular technology. Wi-Fi calling uses the best technology.

  • Free Calls

With a proper Wi-Fi signal, you can make Wi-Fi calls for free at any instant. It means that you can make this call when you fail to make the regular phone calls.

  • Beat the Poor Mobile Reception

It offers the option for people who live in a region with the worst cellular reception. With a Wi-Fi connection, they can make calls without any network problems.

Wi-FI network

Demerits of Wi-Fi calling

Wi-Fi calling is impossible without an accurate Wi-Fi connection.  If you desire to know the disadvantages of Wi-Fi calling, you can look at the following points.

  • Data use

In any instance, if you do not use the internet connection of your house for your Wi-Fi calling or connection offered at school or office, this feature will use the data plan of your phone. The calls use roughly about 1 MB of data per minute.

  • The difference in Signal Strength

Getting the proper signal for your wi-fi call is difficult.

  • Delays in transferring data

The users will experience about one or two seconds delay with their wi-fi calling